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February 26 2016


Enjoying Clip-In Extensions

Many people enjoy changing their hairstyle periodically. One great way to obtain a new look without making the commitment of a permanent style is with the use of clip in extensions. When using these, many people look for virgin hair as it will be match their own hair much better than a synthetic material. These human hair extensions clip in via small comb clips, allowing the hair to remain intact without worry of breakage while wearing them.

If someone has a short hairdo, they do not need to worry about their options being limited. Simply clip in some hair extensions to instantly lengthen hair with a natural appearance. The clips can be added near the scalp, adding volume and dimension to even the shortest style. If thinning hair is a problem, extensions can be added to give the style more volume while covering the areas where there is a lack of hair strands. Many people use extensions as they try to grow out a bad hair style or if they find they are starting to have hair thinning problems.

hair extensions

Coloring hair extensions can be done in the same manner as regular hair. It is important to do a strand test beforehand so the leave-in time is noted to get the desired shade. This allows the user to enjoy highlights or bold colored strands without the commitment of altering their real hair color. Matching up the color is relatively easy. Simply hold up a chunk of hair to the extension or picture of the extension to see if it looks similar in appearance. Since the real hair will lay on top of the extensions, the will bend rather easily overall. Some people enjoy having two-toned hair and will match blond with clip in extensions south africa in a deep black for a unique look.

Make sure to take out the extensions at night to prolong their life. These often last much longer than other types of extensions because of the benefit in being able to remove them when desired. They are versatile as people can change their hair style by re-clipping them in a new part of the hair.

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